Thursday, March 27, 2014

6 Piece Shrimp Fried Whiting Combo Halsey Street Grill

Have you been craving  both fried shrimp and whiting fish? Why don’t you try our 6 Piece Shrimp Fried Whiting combo.You can now have both in one dish.Get ready and go to Halsey Street Grill  they serve the best in Soul Food in Bed Stuy. The recipe is savory and delicious as they only use the best ingredients with their fresh shrimp and whiting fish. This dish will hit the spot because of its unique home cooking style.

Halsey Street Grill is best known for its special recipes and affordable prices. Halsey Grill has a great selection of home style meals such as 6 Piece Shrimp, 3 Piece Fried Whiting, 6 Piece Shrimp, Fried Tilapia and Slaw, 6 Piece Shrimp and Catfish and 8 Piece Shrimp, 16 Piece Shrimp, Fried fish and Slaw. Checkout other items served at their Halsey Street Grill Brooklyn, NY location.
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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