Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Halsey Street Grill Steamed Plates Menu

If your in the mood for some good home cooking, add a touch for soul food
and you have the great taste of Halsey Street Grill in Bed Stuy Brooklyn. Trying to stay
healthy and make wiser food choices when dining out? Look no further, step out to
Halsey Street Grill for a nice selection of steamed plates like the steamed shrimp,
steamed tilapia, or get them together steamed tilapia and shrimp. Also on the steamed
plate menu is the steamed flounder, crab legs and salmon, all come with veggies, and
don't forget to add one of our signature cold drinks to go along with your meal!
Pick up or delivery!
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216
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